Nine Elements of Response


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The Nine Elements of Antonio’s Response

1.     Nine-day Community Focus (9dCF): Community organizations and individuals are mobilized in the area where the incident took place. The community’s primary role is to show mass support and send a message to the offender(s) that the behavior was unacceptable and there are consequences. During the 9dCF, organizations can pray, sing and mingle with the residents.

2.    A Fundraiser for the family is scheduled.

3.    Distribution of flyers with police contact and other critical city services listed. This will be done during the 9-day Community Focus.

4.     Once court dates are confirmed, community organizations/individuals will sign up for these dates and will attend in support of the family and to send a clear message to the accused that this behavior is unacceptable.

5.     The family will be connected to counseling services if they desire and are ready to do so.

6.     Community Cafe scheduled. This model, developed by the Chicago Police Department’s (CPD) Community Alternative Policing Strategies (CAPS) in North Lawndale, is a structuredround robin type of conversation about any issues facing the community. The Antonio’s Response Committee will partner with CAPS to facilitate this component.

7.    Connect concerned persons or organizations with reliable groups or individuals whose mission it is to offer rewards as a method to generate police leads to assist with solving a particular case.

8.     A live web-based blog is launched on the website giving residents another healthy venue to share thoughts and feelings about the incident.

9.   The family is connected to victim assistance programs and resources at the city, state and federal level.

When Will Antonio’s Response Be Employed?

Antonio’s Response will be employed when an “incident” occurs.

An “incident” refers to when a youth 9 years or younger with no gang affiliation loses his or her life to violence. The Antonio’s Response Committee can modify the maximum age depending on circumstances.

If there is no “incident” within the first six months, an Antonio’s Response can be employed situationally. A situational response refers to an area identified by the community and police that might need the Nine-day Community Focus. Because there is no “incident,” ONLY the 9-day Community Focus of the 9 elements will be activated.

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