Watch Trailer of New Spike Lee Movie “Chiraq”

From Variety written by Dave McNary


Spike Lee’s new movie “Chiraq” has received a new trailer, a month ahead of its release.

The film centers on gang violence by men in some of Chicago’s neighborhoods, based on the Greek comedy “Lysistrata,” by Aristophanes.

The trailer starts with a flashing “This is an emergency” repeated three times, followed by basic story of women deciding that they are going to withhold sex via the pledge “I will deny rights of access and entrance.”


To read more, click the following link:  Amazon Releases First Trailer for Spike Lee’s “Chiraq”


“Chicago Cops and Kids Create League of Their Own”

From YouTube:  “In the violence-ridden neighborhood of Englewood, Chicago, police officers are trading their uniforms for ball caps and jerseys to teach boys and girls about baseball. They are also trying to change the community’s perceptions about cops. (Aug. 5)”

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