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Thank you for visiting Antonio’s Response!  We are a community organization with an aim to be a response to youth violence, providing a model that can be replicated using the following approaches:

  • Employing innovation to foster community organizing.
  • Creating a menu of strategic options to involve the masses and encourage many to do just a little.
  • Creating and managing a community event’s calendar.
  • Connecting first and if necessary, creating collaborative youth empowerment programs.
  • Work with local police and academic institutions to identify and evaluate the impact of our collective work.

Our aim is to inspire unity in our community, providing a blanket of support and safety for our youth.  We also want to research and directly address the conditions that create youth violence.  If we can inspire the masses to work together by contributing just a little, we are confident that we can be an example of change that will impact the nation.  We appreciate your visits, comments, support, and look forward to hearing from you all soon!  Don’t forget to check out our “Get Involved” section to learn about ways you can help.

In the comments section, let’s start by participating in a “roll call.”  Let us know who you are, where you are from, and what bought you to Antonio’s Response

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  1. Ralph Moore | September 7, 2015 at 5:23 pm

    I’m from St.Louis, Mo. Great idea and this kind of intervention is what’s needed , not only in Chicago, but the nation! Continue to make a difference! You should be commended for your efforts!

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